Hearthpedia - The Ultimate Source of Knowledge

There comes a time when someone stops playing a game for a little while to focus on other things. This person then comes back to see the game has greatly improved, but he/she now knows little to nothing on the new stuff, and doesn’t have time to go online and look for answers. Then it leaves the person to feel stumped, and demotivated to play on. I know I’ve been in this position before, and I believe I have the answer to solve it! I present to you my suggestion to Team Radiant to implement in game the…

What is the Hearthpedia you ask? It’s a simple idea, really. An ingame source of knowledge on everything in the game (Think Civpedia from the Civilization series!). What would be in this Hearthpedia? Everything!
Information on:

  • Terrain
  • Monsters
  • Crops
  • Natural plants
  • Jobs
  • Building materials
  • Decorations (furniture, signs, etc.)
  • Monuments
  • Hearthling needs/emotions
  • The basics on starting the game
  • Weapons and armor
    And much more!
    It could be designed to look like a big old book, with old withered paper. There would be presented sections on everything in the game!
    "I need to see what type of goblin that is"
    Opens Hearthpedia
    Clicks: Monsters
    Types in search bar: Goblin
    Clicks: Goblin
    Clicks: Goblin Chieftain
    Then a big page of information on the Goblin Chieftain would come up for the person to read! They would be able to find out his stats, what he looks like, and more!
    The best source of information! The ultimate source of information! Hearthpedia!

what would be cool is if this “hearthpedia” was like a log book that filled itself out as you played with info of monsters, loot, and other things and it would be even cooler if it collected stuff from across all your save files so the more you play on any save (meaning the more you encounter new things) the more it would be filled out. I mean come on we got to make another incentive to play. maybe they could do this by creating like a file kinda like a separate save file that is added to when you are playing. I don’t know if this would be fun or not but just throwing it out there


i actually suggested a beastiary type of thing at a stream awhile back, and whichever team member was streaming liked the idea, but wasn’t sure if it would be possible to make it fill out as you discovered new monsters/creatures (like @Yosmo78 suggested).

you’ve definitely got a +1 form me on having everything included in a hearthpedia! :smile: :thumbsup:


A lot of this would already be taken care of, since most stats could be pulled directly from the game’s .JSON files, and the game can already show voxel models in the UI (like in the selected entity bar, for example). You’d probably just need a formatting template for every type of entry, and a couple lines of description (which crafted items already have), and most of the work could be done automatically.


That sounds somehow like a tutorial.
Anyway, I like the idea. I always dreamed to at least have the wiki up-to-date :frowning2: