Hearthlings won't place furniture inside buildings

After the building’s walls, floors and ceilings were complete, it was time to place furniture. However, they only placed half of the furniture. I had all the pieces made and were waiting and I finally decided to destroy the building.

Expected Results:
I expected the Hearthlings to put the furniture inside the building.

Actual Results:
Only have the furniture was placed.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 696

System Information:
Windows 10 OS

Did you looked if the craftsman had enought material to craft the furniture? Remember they wont build the pre-materials so, if it was a confy bed you need to manually task a mean bed to queue if you don’t have one on stock. If they are fine furniture, the craftsman will simply not build at all.

Well, I had everything already made so all the workers needed to do is place them down.

try placing the furniture by hand somewhere random and let your hearthling pick it up again

It sounds like your hearthlings couldn’t reach part of the structure or they were held up by something not working.