Hearthlings Refuse to Finish Building

Heathlings Refuse to finish buildings even when they have nothing else todo (they are content or jolly have food and can get their easily and walk by or over the unfinished building I have everything needed to build it and the building is not paused I have tried restarting the game but it is uneftective.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build Masson Home (R C)
  2. Become infuriated by their lack of effort
  3. Throw computer our nearest window

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



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System Information:

Could you provide a save file where this is happening so the devs can look into it?
It should be located where SH is installed and you can zip it up and upload it here

just wondering what kind of building you where trying to build. because I tried to build the desert forge building and they would not take down the scaffolding/ladders and place the last of the furniture

Rayya’s Forge has a very specific issue with the blocks underneath the wooden struts on the roof, build ladders to those blocks and it should complete

Yup, check that post out, hopefully it’ll fix it. Hearthlings are currently VERY particular about the order they do things in. If one of them can’t do exactly what they want, they throw a tantrum and everyone goes on strike.

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Examine your build carefully to see what the Hearthlings might be trying to do, and then see if there is any way for you to help them do it. In one instance I had a Hearthling prematurely place furniture that blocked work above it, and the structure wouldn’t complete until I had a Hearthling remove the chair. In another instance I built too close to the base of a cliff so scaffolding couldn’t be placed. Yet another instance I built too close to the edge of a cliff and the Hearthlings were trying to build temporary ladders from the bottom of the cliff up to the structure, but couldn’t get to the bottom of the cliff. A ladder down fixed that and they finished the build.

In all cases where I have had buildings fail to be finished, I discovered that the failure was due to the Hearthlings not being able to get to the next thing they were trying to do. Usually there was a way for me to correct the problem, by placing a ladder or removing an obstacle, and then they continued working.