Hearthlings not showing up on list

Soo… I promoted my carpenter and then promoted my trapper (thank goodness cause I couldn’t even do that last version) but then my list of hearthlings disappeared and the bottom left corner that lets me select workbenches or shows the name of the hearthling or object currently selected disappeared and will no longer reappear.

:frowning: I want it to be fixed because this update looks great and I would love to be able to play it!

Thanks a lot for all of your constant work!!

Alex :blush:

thanks, but its already been reported here,

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Regularly I want to promote my citizen into a carpenter(my first promotion) and they will get the saw but won’t change into the carpenter but their status will be worker. The tooltip in the bottom left of the screen will get stuck on that one so I can’t build/destroy anything after that and My promotion windows shows just an empty window

Steps to reproduce:
start the game, harvest a few trees, promote your worker

Expected Results:
promoted specialist and normal gameplay

Actual Results:
no worker changed job,stockpile lost item, game became unplayable

Versions and Mods:
I play the latest version but it showed up in the first alpha 10 version and is still active in build 2387

A Temp fix for this is to save and reload! Sometimes it will get stuck on the save screen and all you have to do is restart the game! The save worked anyways so no worries!


I know that most of these hang bugs can be avoided using the save/load tactic but I want them to know the bug is there so it will be fixed.


This bug looks really old, from Alpha 7 ( [Alpha 7:180] Worker eating Carpenter’s Saw (Not being promoted - Saw Deleted) ) and I’ve seen it reported other times.

The question is why does it happen regularly for you. I usually can promote the carpenter easily and my UI doesn’t get stuck.

With “promotion window” you mean the class tree right? Or is it the citizen roster?
This is a blocker, they should fix it anyway :disappointed_relieved: