Hearthlings goes through clay windows if it is the shortest path

Build a wall, with a tall wooden window at its center.
Order a hearthling on one side of the wall to go to the other side. He will not want to go through the window, instead, he will walk around the whole wall.
Block all routes, and he will have no choice but using the window as a path.

Now, do the same with a tall clay window.
He will not go around the wall, he will simple go through the window this time, even when there are other paths.

Looking at the files, the clay window is missing the component that adds weight to the windows path.

      "movement_modifier_shape": {
         "modifier": -0.5,
         "nav_preference_modifier": -0.5,
         "region": [
               "min": { "x": -1, "y": 0, "z": -1 },
               "max": { "x": 1, "y": 3, "z": 2 }

Adding the above code (present in the wooden window) to the clay window make it works as expect. Hearthlings will ignore it unless there are no other option path.


This issue is still in the game?

Seems it’s still happening. For tall wooden windows too, despite the movement_modifier_shape (I guess tall windows are the only ones that can fit a hearthling through them).

We have this in our queue (still not resolved), but I believe it has a lower priority :slightly_frowning_face: