Hearthlings don't want to finish mining

ok these are the bugs i have recently encountered… and the steps (if known) on how to reproduce

Bug 1: Refusing to mine:

how to reproduce: ???

Expected result: Hearthlings will mine an area constantly, until finishing the job or getting stuck.

Actual Result: (this is why i don’t know how to reproduce, because although it happens 98% of the time, the other 2% is fine) Hearthlings will consistently mine the area you have marked… you build a ladder to save them, they go about their life… you ask them to mine again and they say “Nope, not going to happen! Not unless you press the N key!!!.. but we will only mine a few blocks at a time until you re-issue the command!!!

Bug 2: (maybe related to the above bug???)

How to reproduce: Try to mine the top of a mountain

Expected results: Hearthlings will carry out the mountain mining expedition without hassle.

Actual result: Hearthlings will say “Nope, not going to happen!!! I’M SCARED OF HIEGHTS! Unless you press the N key, then i will only mine 4-5 blocks before getting vertigo and going back home!!!

these are the only ones i have noticed so far in alpha 9 (256/official)

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Yeah, but the problem is that the N key is not official yet. Maybe its code is even interferring with the normal mining?

Who knows… :pensive:

maybe, have you encountered this bug in this version then?