Hearthlings don't wana finish building's

I select a preset building and they star to build. After about half way they stop building for no reason.
I have plenty of resorses and when I only pick BUILD on what the hearthling’s are doing it says idle.
I don’t know what to do and I am force to inta build.
Anyone pls help!

If you have more than 10 hearthlings in your town the game starts slow down the AI decision making and all activities generally crawl to a stop. That could be your issue? Just have to wait for the game to evolve a bit and the devs to optimise the code a bit more.

Okej a have 30 so I understand I’ll just wait a week or so. thx man!

In the meantime, pausing the game for 30 seconds or so helps the comp process what the hearthlings need to do and they’ll stop idle-ing and start doing stuff.

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Have you tried using the hearthling manager to disable all other jobs except building?

Yea I tried that.

But I did wait a minute or so and it worked but it still goes very slow.