Hearthlings Disappearing

With the new Alpha 17 update when my hearthlings go upstairs to a second floor they disappear along with furniture placed inside AFTER the building was completed, the hearthlings appear again after they have finished the task causing them to go upstairs. The furniture and hearthlings do reappear for a few minutes.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a house with 2 floors using stairs(template or custom, it happened with both for me)
  2. When the buildings is half-constructed watch if they go upstairs and if so, do they disappear.
    3)Try putting some furniture down after the building and see if that also disappears.

Expected Results:
Well, hearthlings not disappearing
Actual Results:
Hearthlings sometimes disappearing

Version Number and Mods in use: anorien_biome
Stonehearth 0.17.0(release 584)
Alpha 17

I have seen a similar issue with Hearthlings climbing scaffolding to work on the roof of a building with an unmodded Alpha 17. They are up, they are working, they are just invisible.


Can confirm on the scaffolding, just booted up Alpha 17 and my workers are turning invisible when they begin to roof new buildings.

Just to confirm, any of you had the slice mode or building vision mode activated?

This issue has happened in the past, though. It might have just reappeared.
Will have to wait until devs come back from EVO.

Im not sure about the other, but no, slice mode was no on nor was vision mode.

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