Hearthlings are in a pointless eating marathon

My hearthlings are all starving because they cannot stop eating. The bug started a couple ingame days after loading the save file. Whenever they finished eating, they immediately eat again without any positive results, leaving them to starve.

Save file: EatingMarathonBug.rar (8.0 MB)


  • Possibly the addition of food quality from the recent update may have something to do with the bug
  • The only mod I used that could’ve caused the bug would be Stonehearth Café

Holy crap. We’ve got a massive tapeworm infestation. This is an existentially scary bug.


Even after reloading the bug still persists.

The save file has become pretty much unplayable which is very unfortunate for me as I almost managed to get the rabbit citizens for the first time.

I have this going on too. server_metadata.zip (7.9 MB)

Loading this save without mods does not reproduce this bug, so it is caused by one of the mods.

I have the Cafe mod, too. I’ll try taking that off and see what happens. _

The log file is full of food commands stonehearth.log (107.9 KB)

And the lua errors in the log file indicate that the problem was not only caused by the cafe mod, but likely also due to “food_item_quality_thoughts” thoughts. I’m not an expert here, so leaving the log file here is probably better.

I think that mods aren’t the problem here, I checked what the heartlings were eating, and both were eating a fine variant of meat stew.

The mod could still be modifying that meat stew, or it could be affecting other service/controller functions.

Removing the mod seems to fix the starving bug, though it does cause some weird things going on in-game, lol. Will probably need to start a new village.

Poor Saebert Killian.

This may go away after the time runs out for those bonuses.

Edit- yes, it does. Remove the cookmod and be patient and your village should be fine.

@Froggy, sorry to have broken your mod again :disappointed_relieved:

It’s the salmon mousse!

Or in this case… the meat stew. After painstakingly removing all of the stews from the save file above the game runs as expected with only Café installed.

Checked the stews and they have a food item quality thought which I overwrote. I’ll have to try that the next time I eat too much cake… If I don’t think about it - it doesn’t count!

Your save will work again now