Hearthling Language

Might be a stupid question, might not be, but do the Hearthlings have their own language and are there any writings to show what the symbols of their language may be? And if there are, are there any translations?

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Hi SA.

They speak with pictograms? :slight_smile: Other than that i guess they speak english, at least when the quests come along, it seems that way?

I am getting curious, what are you working on?

Speaking wasn’t what I was curious of, as much as written. As for what I’m working on, I guess you could say signs. I’m working on a mod to add some sci-fi / modern items to the game, and when I was looking at some insperation, I saw this:


Well, it got me thinking, “what if people could put glowing letters on the side of their buildings for their carpenter and such rather than a single small sign”. Being we have so many translations of the game, it doesn’t seem fair to make only English letters, yet at the same time, I know different languages have different word structures (I’m a fan of Japanese culture), as well as I don’t want to make letters for every language out there.


So looking at WoW’s letters, it made me wonder if there was a Hearthling language I could copy instead to make it more universal. If there isn’t, I’ll probably just make English signs till then, unless someone has a better suggestion.

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Interesting point, i myself would love to hear what the devs think about this topic! Until then, maybe you could come up with a version that could be a placeholder?

I look forward to see that mod. Signs is always a great way to illustrate life and energy :merry:


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Alpha 6’s title screen background only showed math instead of words, but in it they appear to use the same numbers as us but some extra symbols. Some look like english or greek letters but there are definitely some unique runic ones.


To me, this looks like a mix between Greek and Glagolitic script :smiley:


We may have enough letters to make something up with all this. After looking through a bunch of pictures last night, I discovered letters on the Magma Smith and Geomancer.


That being said, I began trying to convert them to voxels…and I don’t like the results. They don’t feel…artsy enough.


Not to mention that a couple of the letters are almost out of my reach to recreate. If any of you guys want to offer your expertise on this, I’d be more than appreciative. Otherwise, I guess give me a little bit of time to try and convert these, then assign letters to them.


Anyone ever made a conlang before? :grin: Sounds like fun!

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As far as I know, there isn’t.
Even WoW has no languages, as in “complete languages you can talk in”. Examples where there is a language you can actually use are quite rare - Klingon and Quenya come to mind.

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