Hearthling Effects

Another day… another list of ideas. This one is fairly straight forward, nothing extremely complex, but yet an additional layer of complexity. What am I referring to is environmental, or other special effects which can happen to our beloved hearthlings just from playing the game.

This list will probably get considerably long with community additions, and in my opinion more is better because even if the devs view a handful of these as viable they would make for an overall enriched experienced.

Various effects:

Trench Foot - This condition afflicts the feet of even the most hardy individuals. The condition is gained from too much exposure to a mud or dirt floor. Miners often get this condition but it can be remedied by placing floors in underground structures, and walking outside for a set duration of time. Effect: Slower walk/run moment

Intoxication - Sometimes accidental from munching on the wrong type of berries or that shiny mushroom, and sometimes intentional from a jug of fine mead. This effect usually usually makes a hearthling head to bed, various forms of sickness, clumsiness and on occasion can inspire outbursts. Effect: Extra bed rest, slower speed walking/working, dropping items… etc

Rabies - The wilderness is full of mysterious aliments and one of the worst of them all is rabies. Critters with this sickness actively seek out other critters, and hearthlings alike and attack in a blind rage. Afflicted animals must be completely dispatched and disposed of to prevent the spread of the disease as it is very contagious to other animals… and even though hearthlings have a very small chance of catching it the effects can be dangerous.
Effect: Aggressive behavior, and sickness

Combat Dizziness - Because sometimes a blow to the head can have lasting implication.
Effect: Sluggish moment, frequent sitting, for a period of time (unfit for battle at this time)

That’s all I have for now but there are tons of viable applications. Potions, Food, Drinks, Environmental, Combat… etc. Let’s have at it!


How about the plague? sometimes when caravans, travelers and traders come to your town there is a small chance of one of your hearthlings catching the plague. it would be very deadly if you don’t a healer. (cough cough, new class?)

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That’s a good catch. I would love to see a hearthling wearing a classic plague mask. I like the idea of new comers and caravans bringing it.


Ah, rabies… I believe the storytellers from Rimworld can through that at you, and while Stonehearth is a very different game from Rimworld, when similar games are in development at the same time, comparisons can’t be helped. Rabies might be a bit too morbid for Stonehearth, but I like the idea of something along those lines. Intoxication would have to be carefully managed, so it neither encourages excess alcoholism or discourages a bit of historically accurate drinking at festivals and special occasions.

Overall, our Hearthlings should have more to worry about than if they have a bed and food.

Cold - An unknown but not serious disease. Rest, food, [and plenty of fluids, once water is added] are all that is needed to recover.
Effect: Slows down Hearthlings. The more severe the cold, the more the affected Hearthling tends to sit or lay in bed. Unaffected Hearthlings try to avoid affected Hearthlings, with the exception of bringing food, medicine, etc.


I do agree with rabies being too harsh, I figured some sort of system like that may be renamed… and I wouldn’t really want death to be the outcome. I’m assuming a holding cell or some sort of other means of disabling the infected until it passes would be best suited.

I also agree that SH is a different kind of animal, but I’m hoping to have a few rogue like elements thrown in. I’m hoping that some of these will come with the vanilla version and the rest can be modded in for a more dwarf fortress style experience. I would like to see this game have a number of elements from a few different styles of game… world building meets sim meets rouge like/lite etc… I don’t want it to be as insane as rimworld or dwarf fortress but be a game that borrows from genres along those lines but for a more casual audience.

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Mmmmm shiny mushroom om nom nom

Sounds like a great system (other then the fact that you don’t survive rabies, ever… Other diseases would work well though I would think).

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