Headstone String Error

Went to place down a headstone after a hearthling died, noticed an error with the name.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Kill someone.
  2. Cover up your tracks.
  3. Go to their funeral.
  4. Attempt to place headstone.

Expected Results:
Tag reads correctly.

Actual Results:

Name works fine once placed.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-519 (x64)

System Information:


Hmm…this is an interesting error. What do you do when there are more than one tombstone in a stockpile?

Personally, I think it’d be interesting to have each one individualized in the inventory so you could place their graves according to whom they were. Honestly, it wouldn’t get crowded unless you forgot to defend your town of 20…

Otherwise, the easy way out would just make it show as “Headstone” in the inventory, but have it’s individual name once placed.


Sorry to hijack this but is there a benefit to growing in water?

Not at the moment…

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No, that’s just a work in progress. It’s the only lake in my desert map, and once I reservoir it up, the water level drops lower than that platform. So it makes a great spot to have crops.

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if i’m not mistaken, the case actually used to be it was just called “X’s gravestone” (quite literally) as iconic, but once placed it changed to have the correct name, however i think that got removed when it was switched over to i18n support.