Gravestone stockpile filter bug

Summary: So I’ve noticed a bug since Alpha 16. I reproduced it today using Alpha 18 [latest]. If a stockpile is not set to ALL then it can not store gravestones.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set all stockpiles so they can store everything but armor (I was playing on peaceful and had no armor).
  2. Kill 2 hearthlings by having them dig a hole and not making a ladder for them to escape.
  3. Wait until they die and build a ladder. One of them lasted a little longer and almost made it to my stockpile. She was about 20 blocks away before she died.
  4. Click on both gravestones and click the red up arrow so they will be collected by hearthlings and taken back to stockpile.
  5. Wait 10 minutes and they stay where they are.
  6. Save game.
  7. Build another stockpile and set it to store ALL. Within 10 seconds the graves are put in the new stockpile.
  8. Load saved game and make another new stockpile but this time make it so it will store everything but plants. Gravestones were not moved.
  9. Select one of my long existing stockpiles and select ALL. Gravestones are moved to that stockpile in about 30 seconds.

Expected Results: The gravestones should be moved to a stockpile that does not have ALL selected.

Actual Results: Will only be moved to a stockpile that has ALL selected.

Notes: Tiny bug that has no real effect on the game. Just wanted to point it out. I guess a grave has no designation as to what type of item it is so it will only go to stockpiles that can take all items and not stockpiles that have any restrictions.


Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 18 Test Version

System Information:

I am making a guess here, but “all” may a special case as it covers items which are not listed as a filter as well.

E.g. assume we have only 3 filters: A, B, C.

Now, say an item does not belong to A, B or C.

For a stockpile with all filters selected, it may actually using another default filter “all” which is not just {A,B,C}. which is why items that falls outside the filter categories can get stored as well.

But if you uncheck A, the filter will be {B, C} (and not {B, C, unknown}), thus the item that does not belong to any group will not get stored.

just a guess…

Thats what I figured. Just wanted to make the devs aware of it. Its such a tiny problem that if it never gets fixed no one will care.

Thanks for the bug report. Just want you to know we care about these little things too :smile: ! A fix will be in the next build.

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Thank you for fixing it so promptly! If I may ask, what does the grave count as?

It goes into the decoration filter

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