He Wants Them, But

Pebblz just wants to play…

But instead, he curses his inability to cross land points diagonally.

I was just amused by how he looks at the Hearthlings all running around like they’re not being observed by a dangerous monster. I envision a little crystal tear falling from the corner of his eye because it’s just so frustrating.

The road remains empty for you. Maybe tomorrow, Pebblz.


i know its unrelated… but i love your little rooftop garden… lol…

poor rock monster though… doesnt get to eat them hearthlings… or whatever rock monsters do to them.

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Thanks. I like to plant seeds on the rocks so the dirt is available for the farmers and shepherds. That and I tend to build in high places that are very secure. Nothing gets in unless I want it to.

(Why, no. No I’ve never dropped a ladder just to open a means for mobs to get to my combat units and level them. I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.)

I feel like that little village has a lot of personality with all the stairs and paths… Which is a complete accident because, for the most part, I suck at city planning. >.>

(What do you mean I have to go through the Herbalist’s bedroom to get to the mason and the blacksmith shops? Was the person who designed this place drunk?

No, she was stone cold sober.

Fire her.)


Heck at least they have a place indoors. I’m bad about placing about 20 beds outside and just lettin’ em figure it out while I level all the crafters so I have everything at my disposal before trying to build an decorate. Luckily I saw a thread someone posted about tents so I’ve just been using the roof tool to make tents that hold 4 beds each lol.

I tend to carve my way into mountains and cliffs, so the crafters get leveled pretty quick. I have 'em all set to maintain certain numbers of things and, when a merchant comes in, I sell it off so they start making more.

A few merchant stalls help with that immensely.

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It’s also funny when they spawn on the tops of hills so just stay still and can’t do anything. It’d be good to see them able to jump down or climb up/down natural terrain, if they’re supposed to be a reliable threat.