Have I found what makes it crash?

The game is played after a fresh cold reboot of
Windows 10 Home.

Doubleclick Steam.
It runs.

Find StoneHearth and click PLAY.
60 seconds later, after the black screen comes up, press F5.
StoneHearth loads satisfactory.

Play is satisfactory for a long duration. Then it comes to a point in time that it lags incredibly.
Then it locks up.
ALT+4, is only way to leave the frozen up game.

Windows returns me to Steam where the PLAY/STOP button takes a moment to react.
------ began troubleshooting ------
Event log stated that the
has failed multiple times at line 185.

Attempt to locate this file in vain. Is it a file temporarily built to run StoneHearth? IDK.
I cannot find the file after the game closes.

---- event ----
- System
|||- Provider
[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-ModernDeployment-Diagnostics-Provider
[ Guid] {bab3ad92-fb96-5902-450b-b8421bdec7bd}|
| — | — |
EventID 1010
Version 0
Level 2
Task 0
Opcode 0
Keywords 0x1000000000000000
|||- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2023-12-17T00:44:13.0840619Z|
| — | — |
EventRecordID 74902
|||- Execution
[ ProcessID] 1976
[ ThreadID] 11260|
| — | — |
Channel Microsoft-Windows-ModernDeployment-Diagnostics-Provider/ManagementService
Computer DreckaPC
|||- Security
[ UserID] S-1-5-21-2767895794-1877503927-733940117-1004|
| — | — |
- EventData
HRESULT 0x80070491
File onecoreuap\admin\moderndeployment\autopilot\dll\dllmain.cpp
Line 185
Message NULL

That file is definitely not part of Stonehearth. Looks like it’s from a recent Windows update. Not sure if the error is related to the freeze.


I changed to Win 11
it did not load such a situation
so far not instances to make note of.