Harvesting icons

The title says it all. We have icons for cutting down trees and keep track what is being done.
This is not true for collecting berries. Are they allready in the pipeline?

hi @AeonsyMC… I’m not sure I follow the question… the icon to harvest a bush when selected?

I would say with 99.9% confidence yes.

This was really just one of those things that wasn’t quite ready for Alpha 1 and we will surely see it in due course.

It would seem rather bizarre if we didn’t.

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There is an axe icon floating above the trees you have already selected to be cut down. Berry bushes at the moment do not.

ahh, the icon marking a bush to be harvested… right … as @Geoffers747 indicated, this will indeed be remedied in time…

there is an icon for berries its just not activated it is in the files though

True, it’s simply missing radiant.effects.run_effect(plant, "/stonehearth/data/effects/harvest_berries_overlay_effect"). This could be patched in with a mod, I guess. Although it might be annoying to remove the overlay once the berries have been picked - so simply messing around with the resource handler would not be enough.

I do not know much about the code used in programing the game, but could you not effectively “copy & paste” the code used when the tree is chopped down and the axe icon is removed, or is that the resource handler you were talking about?

The thing is, when a tree is chopped down, it is removed. The overlay is “attached” to the tree, therefore the overlay is removed too. The berry bush, however, is simply changing its model; so the overlay would not disappear.


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