[Res] Chopping Stone Icon

Chopping Stone Icon

I was ordering my servants villagers to mine some stone when I noticed something that was off. Next to the top-left hand information when I select a boulder it has an axe icon!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click a boulder
  2. Stare at the top left hand corner
  3. realisation hits

Expected Results:
I expected there to be a pickaxe icon.

Actual Results:
There’s an axe icon instead. Silly game!

I’m so picky.


You should probably be more concerned with the description mentioning lumber :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. I’m more concerned with the icon. For now…

I’d be more concerned with me right now.


Pfft, mining with a pickaxe is too easy; the tool of the famously lazy dwarfs. If I could choose it, my settlers would be punching that rock to pieces.

At least the icon over the stones is a pickaxe. But for example, the one for harvesting crops is an axe, too, while the one for harvesting berries is the basket.
These are just commands, like harvesting areas (or trees) has the axe icon. There’s still a lot of placeholder images :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel a mod coming on…

I’m going to close this, the forum is full of old reports that don’t make much sense now as the gameplay mechanics changed a lot. They hinder the creation of lists of bugs.