Guild Mod Idea (early development)

Just an idea for late game content where guilds can come into your city bringing cool tech and fierce rivalry.

update 1:
Hey guys I have some cool ideas for a this mod including later update add-ons.

update 2:
First some clarification- in this mod the guild representative will come to your city after certain criteria. If you accept, you can then build the schools the guild offers (usually 2 or 3) similar to how crafting areas are built. You can use these schools to create cool items, unlock bonuses, boost items, create item sets, train citizens, and make epic units through a UI skill tree.

update 3:
Guilds will be either fighting or economic guilds.
Here are some fighting examples:
-Guild of the Swift Knife (Assassins/Rogues)
-Guild of the Shining Sword(Warriors/Priests)
-Guild of the Dark Spell (Evil Magic)
-Guild of the Crystal Wand (Magic)
-Guild of the Stone Fist (Monks)

update 4:
Some economic/cultural guilds:
-Guild of the Plentiful Coin (Merchants)
-Guild of the Curious Minds (Scientists)
-Guild of the Creative Minds (Artists/Musicians)
-Guild of the Strong Hands (Smiths)
-Guild of the Nimble Fingers (Engineers)

update 5:
Minor guilds could also be added to increase the overall depth of the game
-Bakers Guild
-Poets Guild
-Sailors Guild
-Architects Guild

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Reply with questions or comments.

By guild, I assume you mean like, a union of workers/businesses? Such as a Blacksmith guild that all Blacksmiths (that want to join) are in, and they make agreements as to what they should be charging for their wares, and how much to pay employees? If you could fine a way to make it simple, but don’t try for say, the Civilization games level of managing, it would be interesting to see what you could do with that.

But the player controls all of this anyway?

@MartyrSpirit By guilds I mean that there would be a basic group of proffesions, items,and bonuses newly available through guilds. For example the assassins guild would let you add poison to your weapons, train assassins, and create ninja blades.
Part of the problem is that nothing can be set in stone yet because of the current stage of development Stonehearth is in.

My basic idea is that though guilds give cool advantages, bad things might happen, such as an assassin killing a worker, etc. Furthermore some guilds have rivalries like the assassins and the priests or the wizards and the sorcerers. These guilds will outrightcattack each other.

Hey there Oroy, I really like the idea of a guild joining your city after meeting some criteria, could you give us a little bit more insight and detail about your idea?

p.s. oh and before a mod does it. You might want to edit older posts instead of double posting :slight_smile: Just a hint

yes thanks… thats always a good rule of thumb, to help with the legibility of a thread…

but @Geoffers747 and i usually cut the OP some slack in their own thread… :wink:

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Which is one of the reasons you both are good mods. You got the rules, but aren’t forcing them down our throat.

But on topic : More info please :3 I like the idea, but it’s just a bit to vague still.

This is completely off-topic in the Guild Mod Idea thread.

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So the nimble hands are engineers huh those actually sound more like thieves :smiley: engineers are smart people that are good with their hands maybe The Ambitious Tinkerers? (nimble fingers is still good but yeah i just couldnt leave it)

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Maybe some experienced villager will create a guild, and other villagers will join the guild for bonuses. Like, for example, an engineer will start a guild and all engineers that join the guild will gain bonuses. Maybe guilds will teach their members new crafting recipes?

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that would be one of the primary reasons to setup/join an artisans guild… share knowledge, expand your skill set, etc.

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Yes, guilds will each give new crafting recipes, or add attributes to existing ones, for example the guild of the swift knife has an assassin school that lets you put poison on weapons.

Previously I had thought that guilds would be pre-existing entities that come to your village in a storyline, but perhaps this could be an alternative.

edit: You’re right, and good idea! The guilds could have multiple names, perhaps randomly generated depending on their profession base.

Wait… So what you’re thinking is that a bunch of underpaid workers will band together for better working conditions and pay, like something that happened in the US in the late 1900’s?

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I like the idea :smile:

Guilds are always cool (I think I just like the word ‘guild’.)

It would be nice if they worked in a really different way than normal crafters, so they won’t be just like ‘specializations’ only but a whole new level of political/factional interaction.

So, for example, if a smith joins the local Smith’s Guild that you’ve allowed to setlle on your town, you wouldn’t be able to order him crafts (like you would, usually) but instead you’d have to order contracts with the respective guild. After issuing a contract (that could be traded for gold and/or more benefits/improvements of the guild infrastructure on your town) the guild would decide which crafters and all that to work and only send you the items when they’re ready.

Not sure if I was clear enough, but it would be something like that: the crafters that join the guild belong now to the guild (not you) and to benefit from their new skills and recipes you’d have to negotiate directly with the guild (throught contracts) and not to the crafter itself :smile:


Yes, but less corrupt :stuck_out_tongue:

Workers form unions to bemore productive though, not to make more money/better work hours(imagine the senate in Civ 2 time seven, causing many a head-ached player)

Also, think of a collaboration of businesses that set the market standers, and things of that description.

Exactly, but also the guild would gradually gain more power and influence, allowing for even more crafting and recipes, for example the Guild of the Swift Knife is divided into two “schools,” Poisoned Blade (assassins), and Steady Aim (rangers). They start out with basic powers, such as stealth and longer range, but eventually you can kill powerful monsters, give the guild some of the loot and they will use the monsters natural poison to enhance your weapons.

Somewhat, but not unions, more like the guilds in medieval times. They’re formed of skilled artisans, or warriors that meet to share ideas and techniques, enhancing knowledge and skill overall.

Sorry for the delay. The criteria would be based on what the guild does. If you heavily invest in swordsmen, you might be visited by the “Shining Sword”, a guild based on warriors and priests.