Guide to Troubleshooting Stuck Buildings

Welcome to Farlo Moroen! With A19 I started a new town with Raaya’s Children to check out the new templates and music. The templates are fantastic, but sometimes during constructions a job can’t be completed and it holds up the whole project. Most of the bugs that caused this seem to be fixed, but sometimes Hearthlings will still remove scaffolding in such a way that they leave some scaffolding inaccessible, making it impossible to be removed.

As you can see, something has gone wrong with this construction project. The scaffolding is still up but my Hearthlings have started to haul wood around rather than finish work. A quick glance didn’t show any obviously inaccessible scaffolding bits.

Step 0: In Settings/Gameplay be sure you check the box next to Show Hearthling paths. Also position your camera where you have a good view of the building in question. To make things easier, you don’t want to move your camera during the next three steps (even though I did in the screenshots).

Step 1: Save your game. You will need to reload it very soon.

Step 2: Blow it up! Now quickly pause the game while it’s crumbling.

Ah ha! See how immediately a path was created to tiny little scaffold? That’s the culprit. Remember where it is.

Step 3: Reload the game.

I have found the scaffolding bit, hiding in the corner, and highlighted it. It’s hard to see. The ladder in front of it apparently does not allow access to it, so we need to add a ladder one block behind it. Remember: You can manually place ladders directly on top of temporary scaffolding.

Step 4: Add ladders to make the scaffolding reachable.

That’s it! You can see the ladder I added here, and after a Hearthling came and removed the scaffolding things started up again. Builders are once again pathing to the construction to remove the rest of the scaffolding and put on the doors and furniture.

This technique hasn’t failed for me yet. Enjoy!