Guard Position Hide Area / Zone

Something that gets pretty annoying to me is when we put up the Guard Zone / Area it stays white over that area forever and it makes the town look bad with all these big areas and i think these areas are only important to show when placing the Flag and when for example selecting the Party or Individual Person / Flag that has it and should stay invisible while not trying to check the flag

Sometime i even had problem that i could not select what was underneath for it but i did not have this problem latest time i played.

So what do you guys think about this?


Another thing also the Clerics really should be trying to stay Ranged and focus on healing rather than actually going in there smashing with their books.

They are not dealing any damage really with it and should keep themself safe. I dont think i ever seen the Goblin Clerics go into close combat fighting with their books like our Clerics do