Ground under goblin camps not fully replaced when touching wall or water



ah ok. i dont have this behavior.


It happened to me in alpha 18 also.


This used to always happen to me, but with the latest builds, I don’t see this error except for very rarely. :glum:

Edited on 4/20/17 to add: And I just saw this yesterday again.


still seeing this with release 707 of a 21

but only the ones that were against a wall or cliff


Still present as of A22 r729. Triggers not only near cliffs/water but also near harvestable stones and/or resource nodes (tumbleweeds, pear cacti etc).


I have had this show up for the building part and it showed a spot not being put in… it was filled when you allow them to build a little part of it, tell them to stop and allow them to build it again… fixed (or it might be just me)