Dirt Fill Doesn't Fill Where the Dirt Pile Was

After defeating a goblin camp and ordering the dirt to be filled back in, the dirt is queued for every spot except for the 3x3 area that the dirt pile was sitting. This happens every time in all of my save files. After the dirt is filled in every spot except where the dirt pile was, then the extra dirt is left next to the camp and sometimes I get an engine error. The extra dirt doesn’t have any options when selected, and I can’t find and commands in the ctrl+c window that can queue the rest of it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Defeat a goblin camp
  2. Queue the dirt to be filled in.

Expected Results:
The pit where the camp was is filled in completely and there is no dirt left over.
Actual Results:
Where the dirt pile was is not filled and the extra dirt is left nearby.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 21 No mods in use. (No mods have ever been used and then uninstalled.)
System Information:


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