Graphics Issues

From time to time bug trace comes up saying something about graphics and press F5 to fix it. When this happens all the lists in the dialogs appear empty. For instance the citizens list is empty. F5 does work as a work around.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run the game
  2. Wait for the pop up

Expected Results:
The dialogs work
Actual Results:
All the lists in dialogs disappear.


Versions and Mods: No mods version 2881 from steam puchased on 3/13/2016

System Information:
Windows 10
Dual GeForce GTX 980s not in sli with dual monitors
Sound Blaster Recon3di
Intel Core I7-5820K 3.30 Ghz 6 Cores
Alienware rig

@Chris_Saam, if you could share the UI error that appears, that would be very helpful for the devs to figure out what is going on.