Gong the Gong (clickable gong item)

The build and placeable Gong how about making it a clickable item like the potions

You can build it, place it but there will be no enemy spawn, only after using to gong(with sound ‘yay’) the enemy will spawn.

The gong can be used as a decoration.
You do not have to place it everytime anew to trigger the attack.
The attack can be triggered when you are fully prepared and you can be sure that the attack does not occure at the same time as the daily attack.


Excellent idea! I agree fully, it would be great to use the gongs as decoration, and to be able to trigger the attack separately to placing them down. After all, the hearthling assigned to place the gong down might get delayed, causing them to place the gong during another attack or some other inopportune moment…


maybe add onto it the ability to randomly generate fields of enemies that are a bit stronger than your forces and you gotta think your battle plan out quickly. or make it to where there’s different sizes/levels of gongs that spawn in a certain lvl of difficult monsters depending on the gong?