Goblin Token not able to be used for crafting

Summary: The Goblin Tokens are not able to be used for crafting on the latest non-unstable steam version.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a goblin token (Or 2-3, doesn’t matter).
  2. Try to craft Cid’s Valor, if it’s in your inventory it won’t recognize it as in it.
  3. If you place the goblin token in your town, it will recognize it as able to be used, but they can’t use it since it’s placed.

Notes: This is what happened for me, as I did nothing out of the ordinary for this to happen, I played the game as anyone else would, without using any console commands or the like.

Expected Results: It should be able to be used to craft Cid’s Valor, and any other items it may make. And will recognize it in your inventory.

Actual Results: It will not recognize the token as in your inventory when it is, and only when it is placed will it see it as craftable.

Attachments: Unfortunately I did not take any screenshots during my session and cannot get any at the moment.

Version Number and Mods in use: The current steam version, (again, I cannot get this at the moment, but I was using the latest steam version that wasn’t unstable).

System Information: Running a Mac with OSX High Sierra on bootcamp with Windows 10.

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