Goblin Raiders are Unattackable

I am currently doing the first gobline campaign, where I have accepted the quest to satisfy the goblins. However, while this campaign is ongoing, I am also being attacked by unrelated goblin raiders. These goblin raiders are running around, “engaged in combat”, not actually attacking anything, but being supremely annoying.

I’m running the latest ACE mod and most of Dani’s mods, on a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU.

I’m not entirely sure it’s a bug, this happened to me a few patches back when the goblin chief was waiting for me to acquire whatever it wanted, when I didn’t, they went hostile. I usually had a healer and three decent footmen (…and a gaggle of hearthling workers rallied.) to deal with them.

Usually, when this happens, the goblins are not ‘engaged and combat’ and are just walking around their respective hearths? It’s the first time I’ve been unable to attack gobline raiders while they are ‘engaged in combat’. I’ve also noticed that designated hearth tenders often walk between their own mini hearth to the main campaign goblin hearth - I’m pretty sure this issue is new.

Goblins patrolling between camps is not an issue :merry:

And both of these are base game behavior, actually. The only reason they didn’t happen as often in the base game was because the threshold for the initial goblin camp in the base game was lower than in ACE (you needed less worth for it to first appear) so usually by the time you can attract small goblin camps the main camp is either hostile or gone already

But indeed, the reason it happened is because you got a goblin raid (its AI basically tells their troops to roam around your town looking for targets) but by not denying the goblin main camp, they’re not set to hostile anymore

they will attack/be killable if you cancel or fail the delivery for the main camp

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Right, thanks!

I also wanted to ask about door mechanics? My outposts are usually surrounded by walls that go all the way around. In my experience, as soon as the routes from goblin base camp to outpost are cut off by doors, the goblins remain motionless and don’t move.

I’m just a bit confused - I could have sworn raiders would attack doors that were in the way, like in the Ogo campaign.

Could anyone explain this to me?

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Not every attacker is “able” to attack objects/doors.

This is an oversight from the base game that we probably want to somehow fix through ACE, however we’re not entirely sure how we’re doing that yet. The easy solution is to add a “door breaking enemy” to every raid/invasion so at least one enemy is capable of breaking doors. But it would still be easy to defend since you’d only need to focus fire/kill one guy

The problem is that the way the door breaking AI works right now, it is TOP priority - so we can’t give the power to break doors to every enemy otherwise they’d just go around breaking doors and not fighting :merry:
We’d need to change the AI for that, and that takes a bit longer, so we’re seeing what we’ll do

but yeah, it’s a base game oversight. If you have a walled settlement with a door, most raids will not be able to breach in except later ones like Ogres or goblin sappers

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