Goblin Outpost dissapears after loading savegame file

As title says, after loading saved game the Goblin Outpost just removes itself. Well to be honest its not completely gone, few troops stay there, but buildings, chest and big bad Goblin are gone.

//Apparently a newbie user can only load couple of images\links. Imgur album with screenshot and Dropbox with savefile in zip are in attachments.

Short time before creating this save during the quest Satisfy the Goblins i declined their final “offer” and i believe goblins who are currently remaining in outpost were suppoused to go raid my settlement. However they never do and just remain there (which would actually make sense cas their leader is gone and there is noone to issue combat orders :P)

My other Kingdoms older savefiles load their goblins just fine. So probably only this particular one got corrupted somehow?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load game
  2. Load savefile
  3. Enjoy absense of goblins?

Expected Results:

Goblins, buildings and chest with loot in outpost.

Actual Results:

Absense of Chieftain goblin, buildings and chest.


The only difference in gameplay settings between this Kingdom and other ones who had all their goblins is total amount of people allowed to settle in (31 in this one, 20 in every other one). However changing that doesnt seem to affect previous kingdoms, all goblin outposts there remain intact.


Screenshots with notes Missing Goblin Outpost - Album on Imgur
Savefile itself, in .zip Dropbox - Link not found

Version Number and Mods in use:

release-687 (x64), no mods.

System Information:

Windows 10 64bit, 8gb RAM, GTX 950m

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Thanks for the report! The save was super helpful for reproducing the bug. A fix will be in the next build.

  • Linda

Happy 1 year anniversary @linda!

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Awesome, thank you! <3