Goblin Camp "Scar" Removal

I really like this idea. with reading the topic calling them scars, I quite enjoy the idea of the geomancer healing the earth from all the hostile activities you have had to deal with :blush:


This issue has a bunch of fixes possible. If you want to hide it legit in game, just fill it all in/build over it. If you want to change the files themselves, just go into the files and paste what a few people have said. I do agree though that this should be fix, but in truth, it’s so minor that it will probably just be a patch towards launch.

For the love of god I cant find goblin_raining_camp_1.json anywhere :cry: Can someone tell me where it is

it should be somewhere in,


at least thats where the goblin war campaign is.

Full path:

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I dont seem to have a data folder in my stonehearth folder >.>

Hmm, have you opened up stonehearth.smod?

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Uhmmm. Idk. I played stonehearth if thats what you’re asking o.o

OK. Let’s start from the beginning then.

Stonehearth itself is a mod. In order to modify the game, you need to extract the mod so you can view the files inside.

  1. Locate your game install folder. Assuming you use Steam, that should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth
  2. Open the mods folder
  3. Rename stonehearth.smod to stonehearth.zip
  4. Extract stonehearth.zip to a folder named stonehearth.
  5. Copy stonehearth.zip somewhere safe incase you mess anything up, you can always put it back in and rename it to stonehearth.smod
  6. Delete stonehearth.zip from the mods folder (make sure you completed step 5 first!)
  7. Open the new stonehearth folder and navigate to data\gm\campaigns\goblin_war\arcs\trigger\raidcamp\encounters
  8. Open goblin_raining_camp_1.json in the text editor of your choice.
  9. Add the lines mentioned by @froggy above.
  10. Save the file
  11. Run the game, and have fun!
  12. Ask if you have any questions :smiley:
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Does it matter where i add the lines?

I am not sure, let me look through the file…

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Also when i add it do I rezip the file and change it back to .smod? or leave it as is?
Thank you for all the help ^-^

i would suggest rezipping and renaming, but it will work and run the game as just a plain old folder if you wish to leave it like that.

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Alright ^-^ thank you

Well, you only really need to add one line. In the file (should be line 11) you should see the following line:
"create_camp_info": {
you should add
"keep_grass" : true,
to the line immediately following it.

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Thank You for all the help :grin:

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Surprise! I’m back with a new question/problem, idk if I should have made a new topic but i did what @froggy posted and i didnt get the goblin “scar” on the landscape, but about 4-5 in game days later the goblin wolf camps showed up, they’re still leaving scars which sucks, does anyone know how to prevent that?

You would probably need to edit the goblin wolf camp json file. Give me a sec to look up which file…

Thanks again @jomaxro XD Im not a fan of these scars on my beautiful land :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is create_scout_camp.json in Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\data\gm\campaigns\goblin_war\arcs\challenge\forward_scouts\encounters, but don’t hold me to that…

Add the same line in the same spot…

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