Goblin Camp appeared while game was paused

I’ve had a full goblin village spawn while the game was paused while I was and still am in build mode. I had the message pop up and I immediately checked the bottom if it was unpaused. This may be a glitch but here is the screen shot and I made a second save with this. Unfortunately I just save d for the first time when this happened.

This is release 483 as well.

Instead of the game looking at your town in the terms of the banner, maybe instead the houses you build zone out the town and then the game can calculate a perimeter/area around all the buildings, unless there is one very far off, and create a area where things will not spawn inside it. but in terms of early game when you have no housing the banner would be the town reference point.

I’m not mad about it showing up. Im confused why it showed up while the game was paused. Also I can not attack them. I made a party of 7 footman and had them attack rally right in the center of the goblins and they didnt attack them…

Update: just read the chief’s message and declined the offer. Finally attacked them.

I didn’t have a Goblin Village appear while my game was paused, But I did have one appear inside the perimeter of a wall I had built for defense. Also, when ever a villager would go anywhere near the goblin village, combat music started playing even though the goblins didn’t attack them, and they ignored the goblins. Weird?