Glowing Ladders and Un-Building Houses

Hi there! So I was playing the awesome new Alpha 4 unstable release today, and I noticed a few weird things. First, ladders placed against cliffs occasionally seem to glow. When I say glow, I mean it looks lighter at the bottom and gets darker in an almost gradient-like fashion as the latter ascends. It stays this way regardless of the time of day.

Pretty sure this is just from me trying to build a ladder twice in the same place. Still a bug though, it’s just the duplication bug that’s already been covered. I’ll still leave this here for reference. See the next bug listed below (the un-building house thing). . :smile:

Steps to Reproduce
Build a ladder against a cliff face and the ladder “glows” in a gradient pattern. Unpredictable, as I said earlier this only happens sometimes.

The next thing that happened was after successfully building one house, I went on to design another house. When I clicked the build button, the villagers began to dismantle the first house and build the second house at the same time. Then they started to rebuild the first house again, but very slowly.

Steps to Reproduce
Build one house, then create the blueprint for another house and press the build button.

My computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad W530, I run Windows 7 and have an intel core i7 processor.

Alright, that’s all I’ve found so far. This game just keeps getting better and better! :smiley:

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did you perhaps try to place multiple stairs in the same area? it looks very similar to the object overlap issue…


I don’t think so, I didn’t touch it after I placed it.

It’s possible I may have double clicked instead of single clicked by accident. It’s happened more than once though.

I like that glowing gradient :smile:
Anyway, if someone can confirm or repro…

I agree, that’s what it looks like to me. Link.

Actually, here’s an idea. If you click at the top of the cliff, the ladder will be built all the way from the bottom to the top. Perhaps, not realizing this, you clicked each section of the ladder from top to bottom (or vice versa)? In that case, a new ladder will be built up to each point you clicked, with more ladders being built to lower altitudes.

Yeah, I’m thinking that’s probably what happened. That un-building house thing is still an issue though, so I’ll keep this as part of the report.