Global variable and/or accessing a server value through a client file

@yshan, as requested in the stream, I’m tagging you :slight_smile:
Sorry for kinda overcomplicating the question.

Basically I’m doing a few terrain changes, which most happens at server side, and I got that working. But there is one change that is client side from what I understand. It is the water rendering (water_renderer.lua), I’m trying to change its color, based on what biome the players is in (to avoid changing other biomes just because of my mod)

To the other changes, I could get the biome path from stonehearth.world_generation_service:get_biome():get_uri() and apply changes based on whether it is the right biome or not.
But I couldn’t grab this value from the water_renderer (from my understanding because it is a client script).

Or I’m just super noob and failing hard to realize something obvious that I can’t see? (maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: )

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