Generic Signs (adding our own text)

I think it would be great if we had the ability to add our own text to the generic signs, this way we could label kitchens or barns or whatever we wanted.


I like the idea, but this would probably be implemented in a more stable version possibly. Just because that would mean creating a whole new interface for the typing of the sign and binding a key or adding a button that allows you to actually access the sign. I do think this would eventually be a very nice thing to implement.

+1. I like this idea a lot. If they ever implement showing a persons name when you mouse over them, maybe they can also do the same for what you’ve written on a sign (within reason of course).

It would also be kind of cool if you are able to write on the professional signs as well, as you then have the potential to give your businesses some unique names or to keep multiple people in the same profession organized at the least.


and I’m sure if they implement a window to customize generic sign they well add different icons hey instead of making multiple different signs in the craft menu they should just have one for sign and than a customize window after selecting it where you can add all sorts of stuff from icon to text or perhaps both

bringing that up this could be usefull in many of the items that are craftable changing wood/carpet/rug color and maybe adding a town logo or crafters mark :wink: yet to be seen for the future I would say

I think being able to add our own text to signs makes it so much easier than having a sign for each different thing in the crafting menu, and I love the idea of icons for the different jobs (Carpenter/Weaver/Cook/Whatever).