General Questions

Biome Outfits: Will the workers outfits change accordingly to their climate and location, or will they all have green shirts?

Temperature: Will the heat effect the amount of time your citizens go without water? Also will you have to have fireplaces in the winter so that your workers don’t get cold, giving them a de-buff?

Morale: I saw that on the mock up of the crafting UI, the helmet has a buff that gives +2 morale, how will this effect combat?

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biome outfits seems reasonable (given that it seems we’ll have biome specific buildings)…

temperature will likely have an effect, as it seems weather has already been taken into consideration:

Will weather be just for show or will it effect the game? - Livestream

  • 46:14

“Some yes, some no, it’s not just gonna be for show … lightning
strikes catching things on fire sounds cool, weather will effect crops
… imagine big weather phenomenons, like tornados and day/night cycle
shifts. Smaller things like wind, maybe, maybe not.”

Will seasons and things affect the growth of crops - Livestream -

“Yea, rain affecting crops is something that is easy, obvious and
works great. The fun for us in our simulations is: we setup the rules,
you learn rules, you develop a system that is totally awesome and then
we knock over your sandcastle with a random event and you have to
react. Rain or drought is the kind of thing that is like well I
thought I was master of the universe but now there’s this drought so
how do I react.”

the topic of morale was raised here, but never really progressed…

What Language is the game Actually written in, I've heard things about some Alliteration of C, JavaScript, Lua and Jquery Anyone know?

@Sarhifigus All of that… you can find a more complete list of languages and tools in this thread.

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I would imagine, or at least hope, that in the case of drought or other hardships, that a good planner would have set up stores of food for use in case of such an event, that is if we are able to set up a granary. An additional “cool” thing would be where those granaries could have infestations of mice, which could be combated with your pet cat or your local pied piper. :wink:
I realize that, in accordance with the tale, it should be rats, not mice, that the pied piper works with. But he’s flexible, I checked with him about it.

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