Will weather and location affect gameplay?

i mean if i spawn in a dessert where there arent many trees but there is lots of sand will i still need to gather wood to make the normal houses or can i just make houses out of clay?

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That… is a very good question. I believe they have said that alternative materials will be available, but don’t quote me on that one.

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As @ManOfRet has said, that’s actually a good question … I’m not sure if it’s been answered … let’s ask the resident archive keeper @Voxel_pirate.

In the information posted about the Artic Biome it sounded like the environment WOULD have an impact (structures built out of snow, etc), but I’m not sure that will apply to all environments,


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Unfortunately I cannot remember that this relationship was highlighted, but it would make sense. As @wminsing and @ManOfRet mentioned there will be different materials for whatever you can build in Stonehearth. An example was this magic wood which could provide a speed boost on items which are crafted out of it. Another example was the spider silk, which could be added and once you have discovered it, you can use it. So I would expect the same to happen with things like building homes. You should have only access to resources you have found and which you can gather.

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So can overdoses of snow mean you could make igloos? and weather like rain would kill visibility and having to wade through the snow?

@PyreStarite Extremes like igloos might be something you can find in the Bioms. I do not think they will be available in your starting world.

one need look no further than the 3rd stretch goal, for a possible answer… :smile:

Glacier Biome: Snowy, icy lands with unique building mechanics for igloos and frost forts!