GARLIC help. really need garlic :(

how do i find garlic? Looks like my world doesn’t spawn garlic. and…How to stop Hearthling from eating garlic?

I have Garlic in the Northern Alliance Arctic Biome.
I have found them growing randomly around on the grass fields so far.

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Hearthlings can only eat harvested garlic. (When you highlight a whole area and the turnip icon appears above the wild plants)

You must individually click each wild garlic and click the green pick up icon, after which the hearthling should carry each one to your storage area. They will only eat the bucket garlic, not the big wild one. You must then plant them preferably close to your herbalist’s dwelling and harvest them. Once harvested, keep an eye on how many garlic buckets you have officially in storage, once you have 10 make sure your herbalist can make garlic crates (those require ten buckets). Make the crate and then once it is placed in storage, place the crate wherever you want and click on it. Touch the icon that teaches you garlic and… walla. Your farmers can plant a field of it.

Hope that helped…

OH… forgot, the garlic is usually out of view. I always had to explore around far from my initial start point, usually found it near hills in the forest.

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thanks a lot, it really really helps

You don’t have to click them one by one, there’s an “area” undeploy or “area” move tools that you can use to select multiple of them at the same time to move (or undeploy); it should be under the “Place” menu (the chair icon)

You can also find garlic when foraging, in case you don’t find any close to you while exploring