Game randomly exiting

I’ve played this game to like day 4-16 and it randomly pulls me out of the game onto my desktop. I’ve read countless forums about bugs and I’ve also encountered one of those which are the goblins that come and attack you in a mob of 3 but pulls me out of the game. Sometimes, I just randomly get exited out of the game. (played for 3 hrs straight and didnt save :C) Does anyone have a solution to this Alpha 6 version?


thanks @Vuex … is there any additional information you can provide? anything specific that leads up to the game exiting?

are you running the “unstable” build or the most recent stable Steam build?

if you can provide those repro steps, it really helps the developers track down and resolve the issue… :+1:


Pretty much after getting tired of Goblins attacking, I played peaceful mode and no game kicks occured, but when I tried loading my world on peaceful again it crashed ;/ weird how more bugs keep jumping at meh.

May I ask if it would be possible to convert your peaceful world to normal on the next alpha because the normal one isnt very playable. Kicks me out every 5-10 minutes. And I’m no programmer so I don’t know how to help you much on these computer stuff. Just a dude who like pc games.

@Vuex - I’m having issues with this happening too, but mine differs a little from yours. I believe you’re also dealing with mass goblin spawns, right?

I ran across an earlier topic that may kinda explain the mass spawns, but unfortunately not how to fix it. All I can say is that it’s all part of Alpha, and I’m sure that Radiant is working hard to fix it :slight_smile:

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Am running 0.1.0 dev 2193 x32 (?? isn’t it suppose to be 64?) and while playing with 17 Hearthings, a few small houses and a dinning hall and the game just suddenly closes, not sure how to report the bug since I’m left with no error? this has happened a couple times now, not sure if the log captures the error but here it is, I think.

stonehearth.log (3.4 KB)

thanks for the log file @Unatan2 … do you know if you have the latest drivers for your machine?

Yes I do, I have my machine automatically checks for new drivers and I load them as soon as I see them out, know how outdated drivers can mess things up.