Game optimization

Hi! sorry for my English) Looking at the game files, I realized that all qb models do not contain texture but contain a separate color for each voxel of the object. That is, the model of static objects contains hundreds of voxels that GPU is forced to constantly calculate. I think that creating texture maps for static objects would speed up computation. If I understood correctly, is there a mod that solves this? is it possible to make such a mod. I could try to do a texture map, but not a programmer. If I do not understand, I will be grateful for an explanation of how it really works. Thanks))

I don’t know to what extent textures are even possible (in terms of functionality exposed to modders) with the custom engine that was built for this game, since such functionality is not demonstrated anywhere in the game that I’m aware. Either way, the actual performance bottleneck for the vast majority of players is CPU, not GPU, due to the primarily single-core nature of it, so minor rendering performance improvements that require a ton of work to set up (if they’re even possible) are not high on anyone’s list.