Game is extremely slow when mining


i’m building underground in StoneHearth. but after like 2-3 hours my game is really slow. i get like 60fps but the game isn’t doing that all my npc’s are slow. i hope this is a bug or that the game cant handle all the stuff or something. but i hope that in the future you can build alot of stuff with out the game going really slow

anything in particular you have set to construct? large buildings, or?

what are your system specs… memory, graphics card, CPU?

Mining will do this at the moment I’m afraid (seeing the same thing). There is a way to allow instant mining, but I’m not sure of it off-hand.

when i start the game everything runs super smooth with no problems at all. but when you start mining the in game lag begins.

We’re working on some optimizations for this. Until then, keeping each mining zone small will help.

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I snapped this off of the stream the other day. I think setting enable_insta_mine here in the user_settings.json file will turn it on, but I haven’t tried it yet.


can i enable that my self? or only the the people from Radiant?

Give it a try! :slight_smile: I’ll try it out next time I get a chance…I’ve gotten instamine working before, just never using the config file. I think this example should work.

i opend the user_settings.json file in sublime text but i didn;t get all of these options i just got this

You have to enter it in yourself.

I just tried it and it seems to work. Make your user_settings.json file look like this:

  "user_id" : "your user_id here",
  "collect_analytics" : true,
  "alpha_welcome" : {
    "hide" : true
  "mods": {
    "stonehearth": {
      "enable_insta_mine": true

Edit: Turning on insta_mine will disable the gathering of ore. Also, you can alternatively use the console and enter set_config mods.stonehearth.enable_insta_mine true (press the ~ key to get the console open) and then restart your game to get it to take effect.

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Ok, the optimizations are in release 201. Mining should be a lot faster now for large regions.


Can confirm this BTW, mining’s been very smooth in r201 :slight_smile: .


I am not sure mining is smooth. I still am facing very slow speeds when I have 10 people and am mining. I am also running the latest version.