Game freezes in menu or I just see black screen

Hello, I want to play the game so badly but I can’t!
Whenever I start it i see a tiny black window with the title menu music playing and nothing happening. Sometimes when I start it it gets to the menu but it takes forever to respond whenever I click on anything, pictures etc. are loading very slowly as if I open a webpage in the 90s its terrible and I can’t even get past the menu into the actual game because it just freezes up. I reinstalled my graphics drivers, deinstalled my antivirus software but no help. I tried the latest unstable version and it just crashes on startup, I tried the legacy version and this one seems to work somehow.
What do?

Here’s a copy pasta of my specs from my steam page:

I7 4790k/4.2Ghz @ Dark Rock Pro 3
16GB G.Skill DDR3
MSI Z97 Gaming 5
Gainward Phoenix 1080 GTX Golden Sample
Asus Essence STX 2
Dark Power Pro 11 @ 550W
Adata SSD @ ~250GB
Samsung 960 Evo M.2 NVMe SSD @ ~500GB
HDD @ ~500GB
HDD @ ~1000GB

Corsair K70 Lux Cherry MX Red Keyboard
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
Beyerdynamics DT770Pro + AntLion Modmic v4

Acer XB270HU 1440p/144Hz G-Sync
LG 1080p/60Hz

€dit: Just checked my task manager and apparently the game runs on over 50% CPU usage, that doesn’t sound very healthy or does it?
Testing the legacy version (19) its around 20% maximum and it works just fine.