Game crashed after placing object


I have several hours into this specific save, and I’m apologizing in advance if I’m not doing this crash report right. Almost immediately after I placed a water pump, my game auto-saved, then crashed to desktop. No on-screen errors of any kind. I can reload the autosave, but it immediately crashes again.


(In attachments)


I can’t upload, hopefully links are enabled.

Here is my save game:


Versions and Mods:

ACE Mod, latest standard (non-beta) release of Stonehearth.

System Information:

Win10, I7-7700, 16GB DDR4 RAM, GTX1060 3GB, and plenty of free space on my SSD. Using ACE Mod.

I have looked over the basic troubleshooting steps, and ensured all was covered or not applicable before posting.

I noticed that I had given my Hearthlings a list of items to place, that hadn’t been done yet, and now I’m wondering if there was something prohibiting that, which killed the AI? I am running x64, launching from Steam. I do not appear to have any kind of crashdump file.

Hey there,

If possible, try to pause, press ctrl+c and select suspected problematic objects/mobs, type destroy and press enter. Resume the game as normal, hopefully this helps!

Also, do not use the Training Dummy objects until the next ACE update, their animations are bugged and cause crashes. The same goes for Geomancers Haul option.

Thanks, I’ve actually tried pausing, but it crashes as soon as I load the save.