Crashing Dureing Gameplay

Upon loading my current Save (Northen Alliance, Highlands, Hard, 30 People Cap) it runs for a minuet or so and then crashes.

I’am a new user and as such cannot upload it directly so heres a paste bin

[Upload your crash.dmp (from the game install directory). If you are a new user and thus unable to upload please say so and we will assist you.]
Please assist me with uploading the Crash.dmp.

Versions and Mods:

Version 0.9, Northern Alliance, Rayya’s Children, ACE.

System Information:
Windows 10, GTX 1080, External Monitor.

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here: Crashing on start? Read this! UPDATED October 18, 2016

The most new addition to my world is the new Water pump, after that nothing new has been added. However the old save just after this was installed which previously worked for 3+ hours now also crashes after a minuet or so.

Additionally there are also ladders inside the Clay BlackSmith building left over after complete.

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The ACE team had a warning that they recently fixed things that may crash older savefiles :thinking:

Your log says that you closed the game manually without loading any game (I think). You should upload the log right after getting the crash, because it gets overwritten every time you run the game.


Ah my Aplogies I re-opened the game to get the version number, However after doing so it seems that my game no longer crashes? Around the time the crash normally happen’s I now have an event of Ogo coming to the village. I’ll see how it runs for the next couple of days and post a log if it crash’s again.

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ACE is having some negative impact on performance (a bit more than the regular game) while we polish and fix certain systems, so I’m sorry that happened to you! If the crash didn’t happen again, it might be performance-related (especially if you were playing for a long time) and it is not happening again because fresh loads/restarting the game sometimes help with performance, cleans the cache, etc.

So please post the log should it happen again, but otherwise I hope you’re not having any other troubles! If you do, please report them and we’ll take a look :slight_smile:

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This crash file is apparently too long for pastebin. So I’ve used UploadFiles dot io ^^
Crash Dmp:

Also I’d like to mention that I’m actually playing Rayya’s children, sorry for the mix up. I’m having Fantastic fun with the game so far despite the crashes so please keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the dwarfs update!