Game completed? what is coming?

hello everyone

so for the past 2 weeks iv been playing stonehearth and i bet iv “completed” the game so far… i did the 4 gongs and the last emperor or w/e he was… he was talking something about a dark shaman but i guess he is an upcoming campaign?

some info about my town for the upcoming questions…

2 knights with full gear
2 clerics with full gear
2 archers with full gear
4 footmen with full gear
all crafters at level 6 except the engineer, found him utterly pointless
a large quantity of ores and bars (i even tried to not mine half of the world this time)
more food than the hearthlings can eat
2 of the township relics (not the one that needs the help package to be built)
25k gold
no “fancy” houses built from the tier 2 designs
30 hearthlings
iv played on my brothers computer that cant keep up with much more hearthlings, my computer can easily handle 50hearthlings…

and here come the questions

  1. is there anything after the red kiln campaign?
  2. is there anything for the archer (in addition to new bow and quiver)
  3. is there anything for the cleric (in addition to a circlet)
    i reckon i did an overkill with the military forces, nothing gave a challenge where i would have needed to be concerned about my hearthlings…
  4. how is the radiant team going to solve the gearing up of your military campaign after campaign, will each campaign reveal a new set of designs for the player to craft? or a new crafter that upgrades every crafters table?
  5. especially when the game continues at certain triggerpoints e.g. the gongs, is there going to be a “penalty” for not going forward?
    the cook plays an insanely strong role in the game, yet theres pretty much nothing he brings to the table except for prepared food and that way pretty much doubles the strength of your hearthlings… but the 2 foods that are enough for eveyone is the veggie stew and the stew with meat, the 2 easiest foods to produce…
  6. will there be something more from the cook that will actually make him worth something after level 2 without making it too difficult to maintain…

and for the end i got 2 suggestions…

at some point make the next campaign almost twice as hard (dmg and hp wise) and require players to achieve a certain standard in the society to unlock an event that enables the battledrummer that doubles the hp and dmg while within the radius of the drummer, this way the devs can “force” the player to achieve a certain level so the player wont be overwhelmed with the upcoming events…

make a storage building which could automaticly be upgraded when a new set of designs is unlocked, instead of the stockpiles make a building that is used automaticly as a storage… the stockpiles are ugly and take alot of space and the crates are too small and expensive to make early in the game, later in the game its a waste of time and annoying to rebuild 80% of your town while wave after wave of kobolds attack you…

i probably forgot something…

As i can see it at the moment there is no content beyond that point but
The modding community is producing more and more so even its not in the original installing a mod may be a way to new content or harder encounters.

As @Chabonit points out, it sounds like you are at the point where mods can be tried out for further content.
Allthough your playstyle sounds like a more fightingstyle focus, and i am not sure there are any mods with new campaigns.
Did you try hardmode? And take a look at the jewelery mod from chabonit, there are some of the upgrades to archers and clerics you ask for.

I am sure with patience, that we will get more content from the developers, on the campaignfront, titans and so on.

I like the issues you point out with the cook!

iv tried a few mods, some of them are more interesting than others… i was reading about the jeweler mod but i didnt have enough time to read all the way and i only got to the point where they say its not done yet…

well the military aspect of the game is heavily required as otherwise you will get trampled by the waves and waves of enemies…

im not looking for harder encounters, im looking for something to do…

iv played the hardmode, im not touching the desert people with some of the harder startup settings as im not interested in torturing myself… but iv “completed” the hardmode aswell…


also as an suggestion, while im trying to make the donation boxes to church… my hearthlings keep eating the ingredients for it before i get to make the final product… if it would be possible to “prioritize” materials so hearthlings dont use them while you are making something bigger…

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As far as i know, there aren’t much story mods out there yet, probably because writing is hard and all

If you find the engineer useless, perhaps try out my Balista mod? It’s small and it only adds one turret(a big one at that) but it might give you some use out of the engi

Sadly no priority on crafting yet, we’ll probably get some sort of it in the future, but not now

I guess that’s all i can think of?


I could come up with a story, probably even code it. But I would assume one would want “new” enemies in their new campaign, and that’s where my skill level is ____.

If anyone wants to try and do a co-op w/ me, I’m down to try it.

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that would require animation skills right? Otherwise i would gladly help with some modeling…

In order to make them move correctly, yeah. Theoretically, I could just use the animations from old stuff. But It’d look weird. No telling how weird.

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I could help in animations if you’d want, my other mod’s progress is rather slow, so it’d be a decent time off from the project

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well im not asking for a dlc for stonehearth :smiley:

but if you are thinking about making something, use the old enemies and current skins…

  1. remove the item limit
  2. have a hearthling princess captured
  3. either pay an immense ransom (2000 wood, 1500 food, 1000 ores, 2000 cloth) or rescue her with brute force…

have the requirements so high that it will take 10hours to gather, after that if you pay the enemies will buy more mercenaries and try to capture your town… or then you can go on a rescue mission that would require an army of 15-20 hearthlings… the reward for saving he princess would be 20k gold and 5 hearthlings…