Game Closing on it's own, Bug?

Hey guys!

I’ve been having a issue when playing, The game closes it’s self, You can be in the middle of building something. But I’ve noticed this most commonly happends when nothings really happing, E.G Workers idling, Eating but can happen at random times. I intend to play a lot tomorrow. So I possibly could record it if it happens (If that helps anyone at all).

Also I see dev’s here trying to track down the save issue, Would it help any if I recorded game play until the save issue occurs? I’m cursed with this and no doubt could capture it for you guys :smile:

But if anyone else experiences the game closing by its self could you mention it? There’s a slight chance it may be my pc being weird but nothing else closes on it’s own on my pc so I’m 50 50 with this

Thanks, If anyone needs more info please say.

Well yes, random closing without any error pop up nor anything similar has always happened. If you are experiencing this in Alpha 7 more or less frequently, it could be your pc, but it would also need confirmation from the other folks.

I refer to this as the game crashing.

I’ll generally play for hours at a stretch (because it’s so damn fun, y’know?) and then at a certain point the game will simply crash. No warning, no error, just bloop, gone. I’m currently assuming this has to do with the memory leak that’s been reported, but I don’t actually know.

This last time, I had a couple workers trapped underground (because nobody above them would give them a ladder), and finally decided to try and have them dig their way to the nearest cliff face. They were en route, and then the game crashed.

Thankfully this means I get to start from before they were trapped underground, but I still wouldn’t quite refer to the crashes as a game feature. :smile:


It could potentially have something to do with a memory leak, I’ve noticed how high my usage goes whiles playing on worlds 20/25+ days. I too get no warning or such, But yeah the memory leak could be the reason, (maybe :stuck_out_tongue:) Although I have loaded up a game about day 32, And I was playing less than 2 minutes and it crashed also, Still could reflect on the memory leak if that where to be the issue it would make sense :smile:

Thanks for the response and luckily your villagers are no longer stuck underground that we know of


Thanks for your response also, I’ll have a little look on my pc to see if anything on here is causing it, When I re-installed windows 8 a few months back, something’s never did work 100% how they should have but I found some workarounds.

Thank you both for your responses :smile:

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Wow! The longest game I’ve had so far has been about six or eight hours. You must have an awful lot of ram to burn… :smile:

doesnt matter, all stonehearth will use is 2gig, thats why the game crashes…

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That’s why the game crashes and manages not to take down my entire machine. I suppose I should thank someone for that design choice. Who do I thank? :smile:

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well hopefully they will up it…im thinking no way 2 gig is enough for everything they want to do…hopefully they can allocate more