[Game Breaking] Insane performance issues between different biomes/race


Huge performance problems for the Rayya’s Children race.
Sharing now the save files of two different maps, Rayya/Desert and a relatively big Northern Alliance settlement, pictures and performance.

Does not matter how many new starts and restarts I have of the game, complete restarts, complete shutdowns then startups (Starting new Rayya/Desert map) or trying to load, still same results. Rayya/Desert is broken.

------- Northern Alliance -------

Steps to reproduce: Northern Alliance

  1. Play for a long time in Northern Alliance
  2. Not have THAT bad performance problems
  3. Not struggle to much with the performance

Expected Results:
Being able to play without to much performance problems

Actual Results:
Okay performance.

Has been a pretty good game and map.


1533144933197.rar (6.5 MB)

------- Raaya’s Children -------

Steps to reproduce: Rayya’s Children

  1. Start the game - Choose Rayya’s Children
  2. Choose place to “land”
  3. Not do anything, insane GPU load by default, before and after placing banner. Constant 95%+ GPU load.

Expected Results:
Being able to play without to much performance problems

Actual Results:
Absolutely dreadful performance. Constantly 95%+ GPU load, mostly around 98.5%.
Not possible to play with these performance problems.

Can’t even start playing the game.


1533254795765.rar (2.5 MB)


All settings, Nvidia and Windows are set to maximum performance 100% core load, no power saving. Tripple checked it. Also have the power cable in, so yet another reason as to why that is not a problem.

No performance problems (Besides general performance problems/Optimization) with the other races in their own biomes.

Version Number and Mods in use:

Version is whichever is on the unstable branch as of 03/08/2018 (or 08/03/2018 if following the American system)

Smart Crafter:

Same mod, settings and version on both maps.

System Information:
Razer Blade 14" 2017 GTX 1060 - 512GB SSD Edition

i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHz - 8 cores.
16GB RAM 2133MHz
GTX 1060
W10 10.0 Build 17134

Hope this helps solving some major problems with the game.

Edit 1: Oops, reported a mod that was never turned on. Was actually a different one! Fixed.

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Can you turn on the “Use Fallback Renderer” option and see if the GPU usage changes?


I did, and the results are an enormous amount of performance gain. 30-80% gain(!!!). I would guess the renderer needs a tiny bit of work? I’m guessing there is a huge flaw in it?

Thanks for the response! Was assuming the fallback renderer was gonna have a overall performance drop(considering you are warning against using it in the settings), hence why I did not test it out. And if this is the case, it should be on by default.