Gah! Fraps, Why?!

Gah! Fraps is giving me the hardest time!

sigh I think I got some of the vent out…

Anyways, as the title says, fraps is giving me a hard time. I have Windows 8, It doesn’t work when I want it to work, and when I want it to work, it still doesn’t work. So I guess let me go into a little more detail…

So I want to do some speed art, using fraps and Corel Painter Essentials, and fraps of course just doesn’t want to.

Getting fraps up…ho ho…that was enough of a struggle, So if you see the counter, it’s working right? well, no counter, no counter anywhere. I opened chrome, nothin, I opened painter, nothing especially, no screen shots, no screen capture, nada. So i opened minecraft and THEN it decided to work! Then I can also see the counter in chrome as well now, but just not painter or my desktop.

Can anybody help? All I need to do is a speed paint, and I have Corel Painter Essential 4, it’s plenty frusterating D :

Unfortunately FRAPS does not support Windows 8 yet. However, the FPS-counter shows up if you are recording or not. In case you have started recording the counter just turns red.

I have figured out for myself that FRAPS is pretty bad for recording what happens on the desktop. It has its strengths more in the area of recording gameplay. Maybe you want to try CamStudio which is a free tool and works quite ok for me.

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I’m not sure why people still use fraps. I would give open broadcast software a shot. Much better control and less resource intensive.

Well I can see why Camstudio is free. It dumps a half ton of garbage you don’t need onto your computer. Took like 5 minutes to pick that junk out.

Well anyways my friend, VP, from what I see here, not everyone likes Camstudio…

No, not everybody likes it and if you take a look into my post I wrote “quite ok” by purpose. I also do not believe that it is the best tool ever and I have some troubles, too. However, did not encounter another one which does the job better. Will for sure take a look into Open Broadcaster Software…

FRAPS works just fine for me and I am using Windows 8 on my desktop. The only thing is that it can’t record your desktop, due to the fact that aero glass is gone. FRAPS can only record software using DirectX, and without the glass, the desktop doesn’t use DirectX. Other than that though, the issue would be your computer itself.