Furniture Placing on Roof


Even when the building view has the roof is hidden, attempting to place furniture inside of a completed building has it collide with the roof instead of the visible floor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Construct building with roof.
  2. Set view mode to hide roof.
  3. Select furniture using the place menu and attempt to place inside of the building. Furniture will collide with where the roof is even though it is hidden requiring moving the camera to place furniture inside.

Expected Results:

Furniture colliding to the visible floor instead of a hidden layer.

Actual Results:

Furniture collides with hidden roof.


Although I haven’t tried it I assume that it happens with multi-floor buildings as well. Also I ensured that I had it set to the lowest floor so that shouldn’t be the problem.


Version Number and Mods in use:

Latest build, can’t find specific version number. No mods.

this sounds very familliar to the time this happened before quite some versions ago… can you place objects -though- windows, even if the windows are hidden by dropping the walls with the vision tools?

This was indeed fixed a while ago. Make sure you don’t have mod conflicts (did you extract the base mods by any chance?).

If this bug still happens to you, could you check your stonehearth.log? It’s inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth

You can open it with any text editor. The first line should say the exact version you’re using. Is it Stonehearth Version (x64)?