French translation (via

We working on :

alpha 13 current steam dev branch

Translation in progress first look

Issues with the font special char.
@yshan Should we override the font to solve this issue ?


at the moment there is no other way - later they will search for or make another font which can used for multiple languages ^^ for french you can use my fonts - should support it ^^

and like i know beatrice has also an french translation Bea's french translation - WIP

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@Wiese2007 Ok thank you ^^)

We (Lorutal, Neothos, Rapi-shiny and myself) are working as team to translate in french.
Bea helped us a lot, but want to put his personnal touch and refused to learn git, so he created its own version. It’s why he precise “Bea French translation”.

If someone want help to translate the game in french just ask !

See also :

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Alpha 14 french translation file merged.

Welcome to Iquattro as French translator ! see : lquattro · GitHub


Please add it to PraiseDB :smiley:


Its done :wink: thx for the link !


Awesome! thanks!

New app could be soon :smiley:

[edit] can you upload a version too Estiva?, if you go into your mod when logged in there should be an option like ‘Upload New Version’.

Nous continuons de travailler sur la traduction au même rythme que les dévs, vous pouvez passez sur le github chaque jeudi soir pour récupérer la version de la last steam branch.

We still working on the translation with the same pace as the devs, you can go on github every thursday night to retrieve the version of the last steam branch.

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Bonjour, comment installe on le patch français s’il vous plaît ? Merci

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Regarde le guide à cette adresse :

Merci ! La traduction pour la v16 sera bientôt diapo ?


Oui bien sur. Les traductions sont toujours disponible dans les 48 heures après le patch steam. Il suffit de suivre les commit sur

Will this be updated to show people what progressed?

last update was on 06.January 2017 and can be found on github xD there you can see also the changes :wink:

Today we launch the workshop translation :

Thx to Mandar (Steam Community :: Mandar)

Mandar is working on a font item workshop too.