[Forum Game] What would you do for a Stonehearth Release?

So, basically you can put silly, ridiculous answers for this one, almighty important question:

What would you do for a Stonehearth Release?

(A Full Release, not the Current Beta :stuck_out_tongue:)

I would not eat klondike bars.

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Invest in the kickstarter:P

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Dig to America (or wherever Team Radiant are, they’re in American time for the live streams so I presume they’re over there) and hit Team Radiant on the head till they make a full release—On Mac

P.S.Members of Radiant who see this, don’t take offence[quote=“Swift_Cube, post:1, topic:6132”]
put silly, ridiculous answers for this one

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Stay in a room for an hour with @Geoffers747

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hmmm… I have to say i would read all those crappy “popular” novels that recently have been coming out. And thats a big leap from reading Warhammer 40k.

Quote of the day, “Heresy breeds from idleness”

You have been a bit idle on the forums! He is a Heretic, BURN HIM!!!

I would turn around in a counterclockwise circle and then stamp my left foot 3 times while having a mouth full of scope and my eyes were crossed.

Ban all forum games.


I indeed have been idle, but then again, I never said i was an imperial fan.

All is dust, after all.

I like this one the best.


Get kicked down under

NOTHING!!! because I don’t have the game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Blow up a circus?

(I would actually never do that)

I would wait patiently.


I would buy a rocket i could send to the moon and place a “I :heart: Team Radiant” sign on it :slight_smile:

I would eat a steak without A1 steak sauce.
Goml… XD

I would eat a steak WITH A1 steak sauce. :wink:

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I would take a business class flight to america to buy it, maybe even a premium economy class flight :open_mouth: :exclamation: