Congratulation to Radiants!

I would like to extend my Heartiest Congratulation to Radiant for a Successful Kickstarter Campaign.

Please make our desire & contribution into a reality that is STONEHEARTH.


aye, congratulations on a mind-blowingly successful campaign… quite the way to top it off as well! :smiley:

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So successful that Stone Hearth Pizza will start getting more orders and they’ll be wondering why.


Lol i did click on the youtube link when i searched for StoneHearth, not realizing there a pizza @ the back of the Title.

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Lol frankly, i was pretty bummed when i see the goal of $750K for the Dwarves, I thought its 2 high a goal.

but when I say how much it jumped for the last 24hrs & then your newsletter about reaching it…it was phenomenal!

The Dwarves got no love in Warhammer 40K.