Forge is not enough SH-ish

And I’ve just tested it and as expected the export from MagicaVoxel isn’t ok, the model is offset on all axis… So do’nt download unless you know how to fix it!

i will look into this after work ^^ but you must change the position of the effect stonehearth\data\rigs\blacksmith_forge\effects\work.json

oh my wrong not the effect the forge … hmmm — later^^

Yep but also the animation must be broken… So carefull with this!

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ok i cant do it with my normal tools and i dont want to buy for this qubicle 2 ^^

Can I suggest somebody bring this up next stream with Tom? I feel like he’d possibly want to change the forge after seeing this

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you need to center it, i use voxel shop (also free) as was suggested/shown over here


cool this tool was also new for me ^^


try this i have quick replaced it - later i will try to make a new picture and a iconic tested and effects works also (12.6 KB)


@Wiese2007, tx mate, I’ll test it very soon! Concerning the iconic form, isn’t the existing one ok?

soo here is the new file with new iconic (needed two different tools to make this xD and the snapshot is not the best but for the first try ;)) (119.9 KB)

for your questions yes and no ^^ because of the different forgesizes and the removed bellow a new was better ^^

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Ok, tested the last one but you could not redo the animation of the bellows, right?

I havent test it :wink: and I think i have no Tools for the Animation xD

if the model was made in magica voxel then animation wont be possible, as that requires multiple matrices.

But i can Set the matrices with voxel or?

yes you should be able to “cut” apart the and make multiple matrices, but it would be easier to jst load the original model into voxelshop and then make the changes to it there.

does that make sense?


but its unimportant unless i find an free programm for the animations^^

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Mhmmm… if you can edit the original file without breaking the matrixes (editing only the matrix of the “body”), then you should not have to touch to the animation. I guess…

if you do the editing in voxelshop then it would be fine, as voxel shop allows for multiple matrices.

but the problem is he has 3 matrices: body (rest) and bellowtop and bellowbutton. so the animations just move this both matrices ^^ soo i must make a complete new animation for this one.

I gave a go with Voxelshop and edited the body matrix only. I’ve tested dropping the forge into a fresh game and it seems ok but could not verify yet the bellows animation. If you want to try:

blacksmith_forge.qb (236.1 KB)

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lol ok you have added the complete bellow again ^^ and i have tested and thats really funny - give me a minute i will make an video xD

bad resolution but you will see why i grownling xD

and here is it edited and it works now :wink: (120.1 KB)